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Advent 2020

Advent is the time we look forward to the celebration of Christ’s birth. This year, Advent begins on Sunday, November 29.

The season of ADVENT is a time of waiting and anticipation. Our hearts are filled with expectant joy as we celebrate the coming of Messiah. The Advent wreath helps us countdown the Sundays until Christmas. This Advent season our online devotional guide will follow the theme of each candle in our Advent Wreath.

Our online devotional guide starts with each Sunday of Advent, when we light a candle on the Advent wreath and Pastor Mark preaches on The First Songs of Christmas.
Each Wednesday of Advent we will have a video devotion from one of the pastoral staff.
And each remaining weekday will have a devotion written by one of our congregants. These written devotions will start with a scripture related to the Advent theme of the week and answer the following questions; What does this passage of scripture say? What does God want to show me about Himself in this passage? How does this passage help me look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus?

Families around the world have different traditions to celebrate Christmas.  We hope this online devotional guide helps your family continue your tradition of anticipating Christmas. Or that it will help you start a new tradition.  However your family celebrates each day together, we hope it is a special time of worship and memory-making.

Week 1: Hope

HOPE is the theme for the first week of Advent. Prophets foretold and God fulfilled. The Messiah was promised and because God always keeps His promises we are a people of Hope.

Sunday, November 29 

The First Sunday of Advent

First Advent Wreath Candle – The Prophecy Candle: Hope

Week 2: Peace

Our second week brings us the theme of PEACE. The promise of angels, “peace on earth” and the words of our Savior, “Peace I give you” lead us to experience something remarkable and not of this world. In strength or strife, in comfort or consternation, we are a people of peace.

Sunday, December 6 

Second Sunday of Advent

Second Advent Wreath Candle – Mary's Candle: Peace

Week 3: Joy

JOY is the theme for week number three. We love to sing about it and we look forward to this wonderful season of joy. These tidings were brought to the shepherds on that first Christmas night. This fruit of the Spirit embodies our walk and our witness. We are a people of Joy.

Sunday, December 13 

Third Sunday of Advent

Third Advent Wreath Candle – The Angels Candle: Joy

Week 4: Love

Our final week brings us to the theme of LOVE. “God so loved…that He gave His son.” This is both the meaning and the message of the Christian life. This love resides in our hearts, is reflected in our living, and resounds in our sharing of the Good News that Jesus is born! We are a people of love.

Sunday, December 20 

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Fourth Advent Wreath Candle – Shepherd's Candle: Love
The lighting of the CHRIST CANDLE culminates our time of waiting. Our hearts are ready to burst with celebration as we proclaim that the Word is made flesh, Jesus is here!
On Christmas day the celebration begins and we move into the historical twelve days of Christmas or CHRISTMASTIDE. The waiting is over. The preparations are done. It is time to start the party. We love You, Jesus!

Joy to the World! The Lord is come!