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Family Ministry

“…that he may command his children…after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice.”

Genesis 18:19

Parent with the end in mind

That end is not, “Happy 18th birthday!”
It’s, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 
We take family ministry seriously, because we know it’s our job to help you succeed as a parent.  Parents, we partner with you and invest in you as you train your children to follow Jesus Christ -- In the Home: Parents get to shape the spiritual destiny of their children; and In the Church: Equips and encourages families to build God’s Kingdom together.  Our mission is to  foster a grace-driven community of actively growing disciple-makers in every child’s life.
“that the next generation might know” Psalm 78:6

God wants your family to thrive.  We’re here to help.

How We Partner with You

Godly Parent Values
Our parenting values often reflect short term needs rather than eternal ones.  We help refine those good parent values with God’s truth so that you can parent with deep spiritual impact.

Faith at Home
We equip you with resources, training, and tools so you can lead well.  You’ll become a pro at what we call “faith talks,” “faith walks,” and “faith practices.”

Milestone Preparation
Every child undergoes big transitions that you can utilize to help deepen their faith and show your love.  From child dedication to preparing for adolescence to high school graduation and others – seven different milestone opportunities exist for you to harness for even greater impact.  We will give you the tools for that.

Community of Faith
None of this can exist in a vacuum or come from a pamphlet.  It happens in a community of faithful parents who share their encouragement and struggles and ideas to overcome them.  We intentionally create opportunities to come together to foster this vital community.

Family Ministry News

Youth Kickball this Sunday, Aug. 9
August 8th, 2020
Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to join us for "All Kick Kickball" this Sunday!The game will be modified to be COVID-19 friendly, and no one will have to touch the ball with their hands or be close to other players.Meet at the barn August 9 at 10:20 - right after the worship service - dressed for kickball.Don't want to play? That's fine. Come and watch the fun.This event helps us meet the goal of...
Churchwide Camping Event, Oct. 9-11
August 6th, 2020
Church-wide camping event, October 9-11!...
RYM Youth Bible Study, Aug. 2
August 1st, 2020
Youth may join via Zoom OR in-person for Sunday's Bible study!When: August 2, 10:20-11:05 AMWhere: Zoom or youth barn (wearing masks, temp checks, spacing, etc.)Zoom access: ......
Sunday Youth Study on Zoom AND In-person!
July 23rd, 2020
RYM Bible Study - on Zoom and In-Person...
Complete the youth fall programming survey
July 23rd, 2020
RYM Fall 2020 Survey...
Youth gathering, July 19
July 17th, 2020
RYM Weekly Gatherings start July 19...
Family House Party, Teen Edition
June 21st, 2020
Since it's Father's Day weekend, we are highlighting the strong impact of godly fathers. Our dads are a source of fun, encouragement, adventure, and spiritual legacy within their families and beyond. In the spirit of those amazing dads, we are releasing a fun resource for families.We realize that COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, and we want to provide a resource for families to use whe...
Youth Tee Shirts
May 21st, 2020
Order youth ministry tee shirts!These are inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding us that our faith is essential in all times.The image is of Jesus washing the disciples' feet at the Last Supper. The Scripture reminds us to serve as faithful Christians. The Hebrew word is emunah. This means faith that is active and lived out.So active faith is essential at all times!Want to order the shirt?Th...
20 At-Home Family Boredom Busters
May 18th, 2020
Ugh. It's day 837 kajillion of the quarantine. Everyone is bored and getting on each other's nerves. You've watched all of Disney+ at least three times each and you're pretty sure Elsa's voice is the source of your migraines.Time to spice things up a bit.Great news! We have 20 Family Boredom Busters just for you! This resource is packed with a variety of activities for kids of all ages using mater...
Scavenger Hunt Challenge - Results!
May 13th, 2020
RBC Scavenger Hunt Challenge - Results!...