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A Note From Pastor Mark Adams

March 13, 2020

Fellow Servants,
I’m sure you have heard by now of Governor Hogan’s decision to cancel schools and to limit attendance at all churches, to no more than 250 people until further notice. Our church staff met today to decide how best to respond and have agreed that for the next two weeks our campus will be effectively closed (this includes Rec events in the ROC, Grace-In-Store, Ladies and Men’s Bible studies, Wednesday night activities, etc).
However, in spite of COVID-19, our “church” is still alive and will be functioning at 100%.  Your staff is on duty---as are you! In fact, this is a great time for each of us to BE the church as we show our faith in tangible ways.
In the early 3rd century a plague blew through Rome and the Christian response stood out. Unlike their pagan peers, they helped the sick and shared the love of Jesus in powerful, tangible ways.  We can and should do the same.
For example, it looks like our Serve Saturday will have to be postponed---but we can still serve our community during this crisis by offering to help neighbors who need childcare, running errands for the elderly, sharing a meal with others, and by being sensitive to faith conversation opportunities.
To help equip you for this we will be doing the following:
  • We will live-stream Sunday morning Bible study and worship.
  • We will offer special on-line Bible study opportunities for youth and children.
  • Mondays through Fridays a member of our staff will post a video-devotional designed to help you be the Body of Christ in the midst of the spread of this virus.
  • Our staff and deaconate will be available to help you in any way you need.
  • The church office will be open 9 am-12 pm Monday-Friday. We will reassess on March 23 or sooner as this situation develops.
I will update everyone with details as to how to access the on-line helps as soon as possible.
Remember we have NOTHING to fear so instead of giving into panic---I encourage you to rest in the character of our loving, all-powerful Heavenly Father.

Keep the SON in your eyes!