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52 Verses - March 10

Memorize (Head) and discuss (Heart)
What does this verse mean?
How can we put this verse into practice in our family?
What do you think will happen to the person who lives out the message of this verse?
What are some signs that a person has put this verse into practice?
Does this verse remind you of any other verses in the Bible?
Pray together and thank God for his Word.  Ask for God’s help in applying the verse to your lives.
Other ideas for using 52 verses
You have a great resource here, one that will help you and your family grow closer to God together.
Here are some ideas to make the most of these verses:
  • Cover one verse per week (52 weeks in a year)
  • Put the verse of the week on your fridge.
  • Offer small rewards, like privileges, for anyone who memorizes the verse (adjust length for younger family members)
  • Talk about the verse at the beginning of the week – what it means and how you can live it out.
  • Refer to the verse when its message comes up in daily life.
  • Pray for the message of the verse to take root in you and your family.
  • That’s it!