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Helping Kids and Teens Deal with Anxiety

Hello Youth Ministry Parents and Families:
Here's a little tool in your parenting toolbox.  Do you know what the most common mental concern is in the United States is? It is Anxiety Disorder. It effects 40 million adults. It also is the most common mental struggle for teens. Nearly 32% of adolescents have suffered from serious anxiety at some point.
This month for our Online Parenting Class, we want to offer you some helpful, loving advice and guidance. We do not want to ignore this growing problem that may be also impacting your family. Watch this great video resource as soon as you can.
Not every feeling of anxiety and worry is sin or evil. We know that there are many things that can affect your teen and their feelings of anxiety. We do have a powerful God with powerful promises. As you pray over your teen this month, whether they are struggling with anxiety or not, consider a few of these verses. Pray these verses over your teen this month:
  • Luke 12:22-26: May my teen not be worried or anxious about the superficial things of this world. 
  • Ps. 27:1: God, allow my teen to realize that they can run to you in moments of anxiety and you will protect them.
  • Ps. 118:6-7: Guide my teen as they go through their day today. Allow them to not worry about what other people say, think, or do. 
  • Phil. 4:6-7: Lord, give my teen peace in their heart and their mind.
We are available to talk, pray, or just listen to you and/or your teen. If you are seeking professional advice or help, please also let us know. We would love to suggest one of our amazing Godly professionals in our area.
Please check out this week’s online parenting class:
Your partner in ministry,
Kevin Freeman
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