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Helping Kids and Teens Deal with Anxiety, part 2

Greetings Teen Parents and Families:
How is everyone doing in your house? No, really! How is the worry and anxiety
level in your home this week?
According to statistics and studies, if you have a teen in your home, there is a 1 in
3 chance they are struggling with some form of anxiety. Thanks to phones, social
media, and the growing pressure of sports and school, teen anxiety disorder is on
the rise. It not surprising, but that does not mean we as Christians need to brush
it off as lack of faith or spiritual weakness either.
Especially as a Christian parent, you need to take the time with our teen to talk
about how they are feeling. Find out what is stressing them or what might be
bringing on worry before it turns into something more.
Each month we offer an Online Parenting Class, a quick 4-5 minutes of guidance
and help. This month, the Online Parenting Class we are offering is going to set you
up to think and talk through the issue of teen anxiety!  See part 1 of this training.
Last Sunday, several of you came together as we discussed both the sources and the solutions of anxiety, including what God's Word has to say about it and how we can help our children (and ourselves!) work through it.
I hope this helps you and gives you a bit of time to reflect on your
child/children’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. Take the time today or
this week to sit down face-to-face as a family and check in on each other’s worries
and anxiety levels.
This time of year, as grading periods wrap up and new sports seasons start, is the
time for new anxieties and stresses.
We are praying for you! Let us know how we can pray specifically for you and
your family.
Your partner in ministry,
Kevin Freeman
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