Because of expected ice storm on Sunday January 9, only 8:30 worship will take place onsite.

Youth Groups, Apr. 5

As Jesus began his earthly ministry, he came to John the Baptist so that he could be baptized.  John was hesitant.  How could he agree to a baptism of repentance from his perfect Savior?  But Jesus insisted that this would be the fulfillment of righteousness.  He was baptized just as he asks us to be baptized into him.  Jesus identified with us fully.

The Father and the Spirit gave the added authentication to demonstrate Jesus inaugurating his ministry.  In the life of the believer, baptism is a new beginning of sorts, too.  

Have you been baptized? Has your teen?  This is a great week to discuss what that important step of obedience means and how we can take that same step and affirm others who do as well.