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Parents of Athletes, part 1

A Message for Parents of Athletes

Part 1
Dear Parents,
In our area, there are fewer sports teams at the moment, so this post may seem out of place. However, I came across this great video post about parents of athletes and realized that NOW is the perfect time to think through our parental role for our kids and sports. It's much easier to make adjustments now than it will be when we are caught up in the throes of athletics (or ballet or gymnastics or concerts or...).
Many of you could add “Uber” driver to your resume after all the drop-offs and pick-ups from practices. Others wish you were still driving because your son or daughter now drives themselves to those practices.
As parents of athletes, you have a unique role in the life of a teenager. Games and practices are opportunities to speak into your teen’s character. To help inspire those conversations, we have a five-minute video specially created for sports families.
As your church, we are thankful your family is in the community taking God’s light and love! We are praying for you and continue to support you. Please let me know if you ever need anything.

Your partner in ministry,