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October 7, 2021

A Pastoral Word. . .

Pastor Mark Adams

October 7, 2021
Just outside of the town of Watson Lake, Yukon there is an interesting “forest.” Its first “tree” was planted in 1942 when a soldier named Carl K. Lindley was injured while working on the Alcan Highway. He was taken to the Army air station in Watson Lake to recuperate.

In those days a simple signpost pointed out the distances to various points along the highway. One of the signposts in the Watson Lake area was damaged by a bulldozer.

When Lindley was discharged from the hospital he was ordered to repair the sign. He did, but decided to personalize the job by ADDING a sign pointing towards his hometown: Danville, Illinois, and giving the distance to it. In the next few weeks several other people added directions to their hometowns, and the idea has been growing like---well, a forest---ever since.

In fact, as of 2021 with the help of tourists who have continued Lindley’s tradition, there are currently 80,000 signs from around the world taking up a couple of acres, with huge new panels being constantly added, snaking through the trees.

There are street signs, welcome signs, signatures on dinner plates, and license plates from around the world.

Like Carl Lindley, we are all homesick, even as we go about our lives here in our “hometown” of Derwood. We all have this inner longing for the home Jesus has prepared for us---that perfect home where there are no pandemics, no wars, no flood, hurricanes, drought, no fear, no death. As Paul puts it: “We…would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5)

Throughout life we see signs pointing toward that home: a sunset that makes us imagine a beauty beyond our comprehension; the laughter of children and grandchildren that hint at a place where unbridled joy abounds; friends who stick closer than a brother or sister and make our hearts yearn for that place where we are all together and there is only love.

All people; not just Christians, all people have this inner longing. And, as C. S. Lewis puts it, “The fact that our heart yearns for something Earth can’t supply is proof that Heaven must be our home.”

Sharing the Cure is showing people THE one and only WAY to our eternal home.  As the old hymn puts it, “I must needs go home by the way of the cross---there’s no other way but this.”

Keep the SON in your eyes!
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