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June 9, 2022

A Pastoral Word. . .

Pastor Mark Adams

June 9, 2022
This week I came across a humorous list of the kinds of good and bad news pastors tend to hear. It was in an article in Leadership written by Kevin Miller and James Berkley:

GOOD NEWS: Now that you have an associate pastor, you don’t have to prepare a sermon every Sunday.
BAD NEWS: She can preach better than you can.

GOOD NEWS: Your church is getting lots of free publicity recently.
BAD NEWS: It’s on the crime-reports page.

GOOD NEWS: Your youth director is finally getting kids to attend church.
BAD NEWS: They’re going to the church down the street.

GOOD NEWS: With your new wireless microphone, everybody can understand your sermons.
BAD NEWS: The hard-of-hearing suddenly discover they don’t like how you preach.

GOOD NEWS: The people missed you during their vacation.
BAD NEWS: They also missed giving their tithes while they were gone.

GOOD NEWS: The new donated computer is loaded with all the latest technological advances.
BAD NEWS:  ---for 1983.

I hope you’re grinning!
I share this because the purpose of this issue of the Grace Connection is to share GOOD NEWS with no downside!  It’s a photographic montage of all the wonderful things God is doing at Redland.

As you view these pictures, join me in PRAISING GOD for all you see---just some of His good and perfect gifts to us!

Keep the SON in your eyes!
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