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RYM at Crossings Camp 2022

RYM at "Crossings" Camp June 26 - July 1

2022 Recap!

Our 30 Redland youth and 6 chaperones had an incredible week at Skycroft “Crossings” summer camp! It was an action-packed week of exciting worship, powerful devotions, invigorating rec challenges, and fun group games. But don't just take our word for it -- hear from some of our youth who attended (below)!

Watch a video testimony from one of our youth (Lily) as she talks about how God was at work in the lives of our teenagers at "Crossings" Camp.

Read a testimony from another one of our youth as she recounts her experience at "Crossings" Camp.

Hi, my name is Meredith, and I’m here to tell you how amazing Crossings is and that you should go if you get the chance.

This was my first year going, and the thing I was most impressed with about Crossings was the spiritual aspect of the camp.

Every night, the pastor did an amazing job going through the first chapters of Daniel with us. God always showed up to me in the message and it always seemed to be directly applicable to the rest of my day. The band that led us in worship was also really great.

I was also impressed at the faith of all the staffers and my fellow campers. The staff was all super nice, and we got to have one or two members who were able to stay with Redland’s group throughout camp which was nice.

Camp was also a really prayerful place. There was a lot of prayer (more than I’m used to) in the ordinary camp life. We did multiple prayer circles and some popcorn prayer. Some from our church prayed together before our final color wars game. And campers, staff, and chaperones were always more than willing to pray with you if you were having a hard time with something. One example I witnessed with this was at the pool. Two boys came over to the diving board. They were going to dive in, but one was very nervous about it, so they both took a moment to bow their heads and pray about it before they jumped in. Which I thought was really sweet.

Overall, it was a really cool atmosphere.

In addition to being very transformative for my faith. Crossings was also a whole lot of fun.

There are so many uncommon opportunities there. They have a pool, a super steep water slide, paintball, a giant rope swing, and a zipline, among other things. They also have gaga ball and other outside games.

At Crossings you also individually sign up for classes you take on Monday and Wednesday. I took creative writing, abiding in Christ, and a painting class. Creative writing was definitely my favorite. Our class had a REALLY good time, there was so much laughter, everything was hilarious. In fact, it was one of my highlights from camp.

My other highlight was karaoke. Everynight, at the camp’s store, you could sign up to sing a song in front of the other campers in the store. Even most of us who sang were DEFINITELY NOT professionals, it was so much fun and everyone else would sing along with you. I sang three times, one was a version of “We Will Rock You” Michael rewrote that we sang along with Edem.

Color wars was also fun. Each day different colored teams would compete in games to score the most points. We were yellow and we ended up getting third place.

Crossings is a real good time and I hope you consider going next year either as a camper or a chaperone, because we really need both!
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