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Effective Grandparenting 01/26/2023

Effective Grandparenting

Because we have had much positive feedback on Dr. Ken Canfield’s blog on being an effective grandparent, check out these excerpts from his latest post:

Why It’s Important to Pray for Our Grandkids

 Posted by GrandkidsMatter  Jan 26, 2023  

A deep conviction I have about “grandparenting” is that there’s a spiritual aspect to it. I am more convinced of this every day. And that leads me to this:

One of the most important things we can do as grandparents is
pray for our grandchildren.

Why?... because we want what’s best for our grandkids. We can’t always be there for our grandkids, and neither can their parents, especially as they grow and start exploring the world to find their own place in it. So, it’s good to recognize that God can and will watch over them and bless them much more and much better than we can. Each of our grandchildren has a
special place in our hearts. They may have issues they’re dealing with as a difficult subject at school; maybe a relationship problem with a friend; maybe it’s a personal struggle that they can’t seem to shake. Maybe they need a special measure of courage or comfort. Pray through these concerns for each grandchild on a regular basis.

Also, we pray because it makes us better grandparents.

That’s what happens when we spend more time with our heavenly Father. Knowing him better and seeking His will translates into a clearer understanding of His plan for ways we can make better investments in our grandchildren.

Plus, it’s good to confess that we don’t have all the answers.
Grandparenting is challenging and often complex, and we’d do well to humble ourselves and recognize our need for God’s help.

So, it’s a suggestion that’s simple, but not always easy:
pray for your grandkids. It isn’t all you can do, but it’s one of the best things you can do.