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PSC Update - March 2024

Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) Update

March 3, 2024

Here is a written update of the activities of the Pastor Search Committee that was presented to the church during the first Sunday in March. We would like all members to be informed, so this is for the benefit of those who were not present in the congregation when it was delivered.

The Pastor Search Committee continues to work daily and meet regularly to find the next pastor for Redland Baptist Church.
Over the last two months, the Pastor Search Committee has spent time speaking with members of staff of Redland Baptist Church, both pastoral and administrative. We have listened to their unique insights into the work and responsibilities of the Pastor of our church to ensure that we have the most complete picture possible as we search for the person to fill that position. As we have said before, we feel strongly that hearing their thoughts as staff, as opposed to members, is an important part of the process of identifying God’s Pastor for Redland as they see and work with the pastor in ways that most of us do not.  We do not assume that a person who is an outstanding preacher is also an outstanding leader and shepherd. We are all appreciative of the time and effort that the staff has given to our church and to our committee, and we know that their perspectives will be invaluable as we interview potential candidates for Pastor.

To that end, we have also refined the job description for the Pastor position. Working from a description that Pastor Emeritus Mark Adams wrote about a decade ago, we have modified it to better reflect what we learned from the survey we conducted in the fall and from our interviews. As you have heard announced, we will be holding a Specially-Called Business Meeting in March for that job description to be modified and voted on. Once we have an approved job description, we can begin officially receiving applications and considering candidates for the Pastor position.

In the meantime, we have not stopped looking for God’s person to serve as the Interim Pastor. We continue reviewing resumes, listening to sermons, and connecting with organizations that may help us find that person. Additionally, we anticipate making available to you a new approach to praying for this adventure we are on together. We appreciate your prayers and we know they are working. Please continue to pray for the search and for our committee as we continue the challenge set before us.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Your Pastor Search Committee 

Specially Called Business Meeting

There will be a Specially Called Business Meeting on Sunday, March 17 at 4pm in the Sanctuary. The PSC is recommending and presenting a job description for the position of Pastor. Copies of the proposed job description are available at the Welcome Desk in the Foyer, on the Sanctuary back table, and by clicking below.
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